Art class

The key to select the partition

Choose something that you're passionate about and take it from there. Point it to a more specific point, and see if you can get a thesis that you can cover in the essay space. As far as art is concerned, if you can back up your points with the relevant information, you should be able to make a good case

The following are some of the ideas that need to be taken into account, for example, about topics that can be presented in an essay for an art class:

Discuss the development of the Boroque in Rome in the 1600s

The intense and exaggerated style of the Barque art at a time when the Roman Catholic Church was very influential in the arts, had become popular. What are the characteristics of the style, in your opinion, make it particularly effective for the transfer of religious themes? What were some of the driving forces of baroque development? (keep in mind that many Roman artists fought for commission.) How did the picture, sculpture, architecture, etc. evolve into less dramatic steps in the 1700s?

Specify a schedule for important events for the photographic art

The first cameras were described in literature since the 4th century, with the first "traditional" photographs, which became popular in the early nineteenth century. Highlight the main changes (for example, evolution from monochrome to digital color, etc.) in the photo. What are some of the important aesthetic differences (and/or similarities) in art and documentary photography? How do you think digital cameras and software photos for a personal computer affect the presentation of the audience and interpret the value of the media?

Arrange the importance of Andy Warhol as a popular artist

Holiday and controversial, Andy Warhol's works are some of the most expensive paintings ever sold. Discuss some of the concepts he has explored (such as celebrigging and advertising culture) and describe some of the criticals and/or praise for such works. As the work of Warhol lasted from the 1950s to the late 1980s, how did it evolve, and what were the reactions to it? Is it a realistic representation of everyday objects and famous artists? Why (or why not)? (ALL)

Discuss the importance of early bounty as art

Historical paintings, found on walls and ceilings in Spain, returned to 40,000 years ago. Theories are that these paintings serve different purposes, including decorations, means of communication, religious/ceremonial functions. What are some of the themes and patterns of early cave art? Which animals and scenes were usually depicted, and what materials were used by humans? What can they tell us about the nature of the world of time? How do these cave paintings give us an opportunity to take a look at the culture and beliefs of the ancient world?

Analyses the Taj Mahal as an example of architecture

Sitting in some way as the real work of love, the Taj Mahal was built for 20 years, supposedly as a monument to the emperor's wife. Others say that his goal is a show, a greatness in which you can just show your greatness. Discuss some important architectural features, such as the use of symmetry, dome and minarets, white marble, brittle patterns, etc., which give the beauty to the Taj Mahal. Which elements of the Persian and Mugu architecture do not include? Why do you think that he is considered a "pearl of Muslim art in India"?

Study the Italian renaissance through Michelangelo's sculptures

Renewed interest in the classical culture of Greco-Roman culture has led to great changes in art between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. Sculptures reflect classic characteristics and themes. How does David, for example, serve as an example of the classical Greek nuda winning the battle? How did he sail away from the previous sculptures that described David and Goliath? Describe the size, position, posture, posture and anatomy, and discuss some of the interpretation of Michelangelo's styling using elements of art

Arrange that graffiti is (or not) a true form of artistic expression

If Leonardo da Vinci had no permit, he would have drawn one of his works through the roof of a neighboring neighbor, would it be graffiti? Is the legality of the form of expression less worthy of the form of art? Graffiti has been around for a long time. The graffiti artist looks like art. A lot of people see it as art. Like many kinds of art, some of them are hard to understand, while some of them are beautiful and symbolic. Do these criteria mean that it's really art? Who determines what art is? What is art?

Discuss European art Cubism and avant-garde art

Often considered one of the most important and influential forms of art of the last century, cubism uses three-dimensional and abstract views to "divide" and "collect" the object. Why do you think that in order to move art, boundaries and perceptions are important? How do foreign cultures and art affect the artist, such as Paul Goughin, Henri Matisse and the Pablo Pickasso? How do other forms of art such as architecture and literature include cubism elements (such as the use of three-dimensional shapes and repetitions)?

Describe the art deco as the symbol "Age of Machine"

In France, in the 192020s, the popularity of the art decor is spreading rapidly at the international level, until it has become less popular after the Second World War. What are the economic and social conditions in which such artistic movements have been loaned? What characteristics (geometrical figures, use of technology, aromatic ornament) make it suitable for display of glamour and luxury?